Subway Gold Card & Subway Black Card – Latest Guide 2024

If you are a big fan of Subway, you’ll love the Subway Gold Card and Subway Black Card! These special cards are designed for Subway’s most loyal customers.

They have many cool benefits that will make your Subway visits even more impressive. Let’s find out more about these exciting cards:

Subway Gold Card

The Subway Gold Card is like a special rewards program just for you! It’s Subway’s saying “Thank you” for being such a loyal customer. The Gold Card offers exclusive benefits, discounts, and promotions. It’s their little way of showing appreciation for your loyalty to Subway. You can also offer a Subway gift card or a 30% Discount Voucher to your loved ones,

subway Gold Card

How to Get a Subway Gold Card?

Getting a Subway Gold Card is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Visit Subway Regularly: If you visit Subway restaurants often, you might catch their attention and get the Gold Card.
  • Join Loyalty Programs: Some Subway locations have loyalty programs that keep track of your visits and purchases. By being a loyal customer, you may qualify for the Gold Card.
  • Participate in Contests and Promotions: Sometimes, Subway runs contests where lucky winners can get a special Gold Card as a prize.
  • Use Subway Mobile App: If you download and use the Subway mobile app, you might be eligible for a Gold Card. So, why not give it a try?
  • Attend Special Events: Subway may also give away Gold Cards at special events or during community outreach programs. So, if there’s an event, be there!

How to Use Subway Gold Card?

Using your Subway Gold Card is so easy:

  • Show Your Card: Just show your Gold Card to the cashier when you check out at Subway.
  • Earn Points: Every time you use your Gold Card, you earn reward points. The more you visit Subway and use the card, the more points you collect.
  • Get Rewards: When you have enough points, you can exchange them for incredible rewards, like free sandwiches, drinks, and other special items.

Remember to stay updated with Subway’s offers and deals for Gold Card holders so you don’t miss out on any fun!

Benefits of the Subway Gold Card

The Subway Gold Card comes with awesome benefits that you’ll love:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Gold Card holders get special discounts on certain menu items, making your Subway meals more enjoyable.
  • Personalized Offers: Subway might surprise you with personalized offers based on your favorite things and what you like to eat.
  • Priority Access: Gold Card holders get faster service when busy, so you can get your Subway sandwich without waiting too long.
  • Limited-Edition Items: Sometimes, Subway introduces special sandwiches and cool stuff that only Gold Card holders can try.
  • Double Points Days: Subway sometimes has double points days. With your Gold Card, you can earn rewards even faster on these special days.

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Subway Black Card

Now, let’s talk about the Subway Black Card! It’s like the pro version of the Gold Card, with even better benefits and privileges. You’ll feel like a real VIP with the Black Card!

Subway Black Card

How to Become a Subway Black Card Holder?

Getting a Subway Black Card is special, and not everyone gets one. Here are some ways you might become a Black Card holder:

  • Exceptional Loyalty: Subway looks for customers who show extraordinary loyalty and love for their sandwiches. If you visit Subway often and make many purchases, they might notice you.
  • Engage with Subway: You can catch Subway’s attention by following them on social media, giving feedback, and participating in surveys.
  • VIP Events and Sponsorships: Subway sometimes gives out Black Cards at VIP events or to people who help with special community projects.
  • Limited Programs: Subway might run special programs where you can win the Black Card. Being a part of these programs can boost your chances.
  • Customer Appreciation: Subway surprises customers who go above and beyond to support the brand or do good things in their community.

How to Use Subway Black Card?

Using the Subway Black Card is just like the Gold Card, but it’s even more exciting!

  • Proudly Show Your Card: You’ll feel extra special when you use your Subway Black Card. Just show it at the checkout, and everyone will know you’re a VIP.
  • Amazing Rewards: The rewards you get with the Black Card will be even more fantastic, like exclusive invitations and experiences you won’t believe!
  • Special Events: You might receive invitations to super cool events, tastings, and sneak peeks only for Black Card holders.
  • Extra Special Benefits: With the Black Card, you’ll get even more privileges to make your Subway visits feel like a treat.

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Benefits of the Subway Black Card

The Subway Black Card comes with incredible benefits that will make you feel like a superstar:

  • Lifetime Validity: Once you have the Subway Black Card, it’s yours to keep forever, as long as you keep being a loyal Subway fan.
  • Unlimited Privileges: Unlike the Gold Card, the Black Card has no limits. You can enjoy all the special perks as much as you want.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Black Card holders might receive special Subway items that regular customers can’t get. It’s like having your own collection!
  • Dedicated Support: Subway takes good care of Black Card holders and ensures any issues are resolved quickly and happily.
  • Surprise Surprises: Subway loves to surprise Black Card holders with unexpected treats and special experiences.


The Subway Gold Card and Subway Black Card are like secret keys that unlock amazing rewards and experiences at Subway. Being a loyal Subway customer is the first step to getting these special cards and enjoying their fantastic benefits.

So, next time you visit Subway, remember to use your Gold Card or aim to be a part of the exclusive Black Card Club. Enjoy the rewards, priority service, and unique experiences of being part of Subway’s loyal family.


Q 1. Is it free to get a Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card?

Yes, both cards are usually given to customers for free as a special thank you from Subway.

Q 2. Can I use my Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card at any Subway restaurant?

Yes, you can use your cards at participating Subway restaurants all across the country.

Q 3. How can I check how many points I have on my Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card?

You can check your points balance by logging into your Subway account on their website or app. You can also ask the cashier during your next visit.

Q 4. Can I share my Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card with my friends or family?

Sorry, but the Subway Gold Card and Subway Black Card are only for personal use. You can’t share them with others.

Q 5. Can I apply for a Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card?

Usually, these cards are given as special invitations to customers who have shown exceptional loyalty to Subway. You can’t apply directly.

Q 6: How many Subway Black Cards are there?

The number of Subway Black Cards is limited, and only Subway’s management knows the exact count.

Q 7. Are the rewards different for the Subway Black Card?

Yes, the rewards for the Subway Black Card are even more exclusive and personalized to each cardholder’s likes and preferences.

Q 8. Can I use my Subway Gold Card or Subway Black Card in other countries?

Usually, these cards are valid only at Subway restaurants in the country where they were issued. But it’s always good to check with the Subway staff just in case.

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